Personal Writings


A Touch

Facing a New Day

Finding Obedience to Trust

I Will Not Complain

Poor Little Rich Girl

Say Hello Anyway

Standing On My Knees

The Deceiver

Three Doors

Personal and Family

A Choice to Live

A Family Secret

A Grandma’s Love

Benjamin’s Train

Chelsea Goes Potty

Grandparents Too Soon

Her Name Was Gertrude

In the 1960’s (Times Are Changing)

It’s Not Grandma’s

Killing Lisa Jo


Might As Well Laugh Now

My Prodigal

Samuel’s Boo Boo

So Glad Steam Rises

The Ouija Board

The Prayer

Through His Eyes


A Final Word

A Journey to Share

A Souvenir of Faith

Defending the Faith

Entertaining Angels

I’ve Got This

Looking Back

May 11, 1984

My Birthday Wish

My Country Home in Tennessee

My Escape

Note to Self

Oldies But Goodies

Once Bitten

One More Card Please

Rise and Fall

Shadows From the Crimson Stain

Special Plans

The Crimson Stain

The Epidemic

The Truth

The Untamed Tongue

The Way We Speak

There’s No Place Like Home

Time Flies

Waiting for Tomorrow

We Are All Black Sheep

While It Is Today

Your Story

What Is It About January?



Cheers to Blessings

Control – Alt – Delete


Heavenly Humor

How Sweet It Is

I Want to Fly – For Alec

John’s Keys

Ode to Time

Stopping to Smell the Bacon

Turn Left


Empty Skies (9/11/2001)

Getting Prepared (Tribute to Abraham)




Mr. Roy and His Ties

My America

Our Founding Fathers

Seven Days of Creation

The Journey We Must Not Forget

To Grandma With Love

Tribute to Sean


Dance to Praise Him

Everyday Things

I Am The Way

My Dream

Not My Will

Point Me Skyward

Song of Life

Tell Me Again

Thank You For Not Giving Up On Me

The Time is Now

Things That Are Endless

Today is Yours

Who is Jesus?

Words of Thanks