9/27/2022 Intro & Testimony

Welcome to the new LisaJo.org website! I hope you find the format to be user friendly, and I especially hope you will find encouragement from the blogs posted in “Today’s Thoughts”. I try to make updates once a week, so please come back and visit as often as you can.

I invite you to read the Mission Statement so you will understand better the purpose for this site. As a Christian, we have arrows thrown at us daily by the enemy, so we need to find encouragement wherever we can. I hope God’s love is evident as you read each word. As with my previous site format, I began with my testimony, so I thought it fitting to begin there again.

May God bless you,

Lisa Jo

The Crimson Stain

When I was younger, I was alone.
Or I believed myself to be.
I had a family, but it was broken.
So all I cared about was me.

This selfishness, at the time,
Was my shelter from all the pain.
I worshipped idols and lived in dreams,
The first drops of a crimson stain.

My parents parted when I was thirteen,
And our dog, Maggie, had died.
It was during this time, I hated my life.
I had nothing but bitterness inside.

It seemed that love had passed our house,
And anger found its’ dwelling.
Amidst the fights I’d silently pray,
But all I could hear was yelling.

I couldn’t hear my heavenly Father
Quietly drawing me near.
Instead I turned to substances,
And alcohol to hide my fear.

The crimson stain was darker now,
For I depended on what I could do.
I didn’t know God, and He didn’t know me,
Then Russ died, and it broadened my view.

In his journal, he mentioned the Lord,
And it never occurred to me,
That there actually might be someone greater above,
And my life, something better, could be.

I still enjoyed the parties and friends,
But I could feel Him tugging at my heart.
And then I was alone, in Germany this time,
My new life was about to start.

As I looked out the slanted window,
Aiming straight up toward the stars,
I prayed to God to change my life
And to heal my wounds and scars.

Within weeks my life was changing.
I knew He had heard my prayer.
I would never have thought in a million years,
I would meet my husband there.

Within a year we married,
Full of joy, but something wasn’t right.
Then I learned of what Christ did for me.
The crimson stain was turned to white.

Even now, after many years,
I still stumble every now and then.
But the crimson stain that shamed me so,
Will never condemn me again.

God is my refuge, He is my strength.
You may doubt it if you knew me before.
But He saved me from me, and now I’m alive!
And my sins, He remembers no more.

8/8/2002 LJH©

Shadows From The Crimson Stain

The crimson stain that covered me,
Washed clean so long ago,
Though gone for good in my Father’s eyes,
Old thorns still haunt me so.

The evil one won’t let me be,
Those negative thoughts won’t end.
Full of anguish and self-doubt
I lose my way again.

Sometimes I have it all figured out,
Or at least I might believe.
One single word can trigger pain,
Alone, I start to grieve.

Life is hard for all of us,
And mine has taken some blows.
Somehow, I manage to keep on trying
To battle my secret foes.

I want so much to be content,
To find purpose in each day.
But knowing this world is not my home,
I’m ready, if called away.

I’ve had joys and laughter aplenty,
And showers of blessings I claim.
But so many times I’m unable to silence
Those voices that fill me with shame.

These battles are hard, and I want to give up,
I’m tired from fighting this lot.
But as long as I’m able to wake up again,
I’ll keep giving it all that I’ve got.

I’m not trying to gain your pity,
It just helps to be able to share.
I know my strength is with our Savior,
But don’t mind if you lift me in prayer.

Yes, the crimson stain is washed away,
Because Jesus made sure it was so.
It is I…and I alone,
Who needs to learn to let go.

2/7/2018 LJH©

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